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Little Alchemy 3

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About Little Alchemy 3

The growing popularity of Little Alchemy games have the main factor - those games are interesting for both kids and grown-ups. No matter how old are you and how smart - in this game I am sure that will find out some new facts about chemistry, alchemy and everything else because here you will become a guy who invents new elements. Let me introduce the new version of the popular game series which is called Little Alchemy 3 and in this game the developers did a truly great job by adding hundreds of new elements with their descriptions and many interesting features. If you have already played the prrevious versions of the game just start playing the 3rd edition, if not - continue reading below.

The Basic Rules

As I have already told you, the game is about mixing different elements together to invent a new one. At the beginning of the game you have 4 basic elements of our planet - water,ground,fire and air. You should mix them together to create a new elements. For example, if you mix water and air, you will get a new element called mist. The newly discovered element will appear on your toolbox and you can easily drag and drop it to the main stage when you need it. To try mixing two elements just drag and drop them behind each other - if your thoughts are right, you will discover a new elements with basic description. If not - nothing will happen. The main lifehack of this game is that when you discover a new elements, try mixing it with itself. For example, if you mix water and water you will get pond. Then if you mix pond with itself you will get something new. That does not work always but there are a lot of elements that can be discovered by mixing similar elements together.

What's The Meaning Of This Game?

Little Alchemy 3 is an educational game because there are more than 100 different elements that you have to discover and it forces you to use your knowledge to succeed. The game does not have levels or logical ending - it is most like a sandbox where you can make some experiments by mixing the elements. Most of the people fail in this game because it is not an easy one. For those who would like to find all elements there are a lot of cheat sheets on the internet with the complete list of elements. The game has also its own encyclopedia where you can find more information on discovered elements and get hints about others which are still to be discovered. The game saves your progress on the local computer so next time when you start playing it you won't have to start from the beginning. Enjoy the game at our website and try to discover all elements.

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