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Cookie Clicker

About Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is one of those simple games which can keep you addicted for hours despite the fact that they have a simple gameplay and rather poor graphics. In fact, Cookie Clicker is a new kind of online games where you have to click the cookie in order to collect one. The more you click - the more cookies you get and more upgrades can be bough to make the whole process faster. But let me explain it - at the beginning of the game you can only generate new cookies by clicking using your mouse right button. When you collect the needed ammount of cookies you can unlock the Cursor upgrade. It gives you opportunity to get cookies without clicking - the cursor will click on the cookie on its own. The more Cursor updates you get - the higher will be the cookies/per second number.

In fact, Cookie Clicker became so popular because people want to know what all the upgrades do and as a result they spend a lot of time gathering cookies and unlocking items. For example, the upgrade called Grandma will cook you more cookies - each grandma produce 4 cookies/second. Keep in mind that the price of those upgrades are becoming higher and higher so use them wisely. There are also some special upgrades for example like - Making all Grandma 2x more efficient. This upgrade has high price but the whole process of getting cookies becomes 2x faster.

The design of the game is very nice - at the left side you see the grandmas baking cookies, your mines and farms. When you progress and unlock the new items, the background changes - the falling cookies are everywhere. There are pretty much upgrades that you have to unlock but they require a lot of time. The best strategy is to open the game, upgrade basic items like Grandma, Cursor and Farms and let the game collect cookies on its own. The game has an autosave which saves the game on its own so next time when you open the game, you will continue playing from the last save checkpoint. Enjoy the full version of Cookie Clicker at our website for free.

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