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EvoWorld io

EvoWorld io

EvoWorld io

The name of this game EvoWorld io may be new for you but believe me that you have definitely seen this game before on many gaming websites. Some time ago, this game was called Fly Or Die but later after rebranding the game, the new name appeared. If you still don't know about this game you have missed a great opportunity to enjoy a very interesting and addictive multiplayer game about evolution,insects and survival. Many people say that this game is about evolution but in my opinion, the evolution is more like survival in the world of raptors and victims. This game which have a lot of interesting features and a great tree of upgrades tend to be on my top 10 list, let me give you more information about it.

Just like any story of evolution, the storyline of EvoWars begins with a small step - you start playing as a small fly which have to find food, find water and grow bigger to turn into a new creature. As you know, there are two types of creatures in this game - those who are harmless to others and raptors. So, at the beginning of your journey you are a harmless fly who have to hide. If you manage to get on a higher ladder of evolution, you will have to hunt for a smaller players and eat them. The main idea of the game is - You fly or you die.

The tree of upgrades in this game is pretty big - you start the game eating poop and hiding in the grass and can turn into a giant raptor who hunt for all creatures alive. The game rules are pretty simple - each character can eat only food in green circle. The things in red circle are dangerous for you. As soon as you level-up, the diet for your character will change. Keep in mind that water is very important for your character - you must find a water supply to keep alive. EvoWorld is a very interesting game where you can become whatever you want , enjoy the game for free at our website.

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