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Krunker io


I think that is a unique game because it was one of the first multiplayer shooting games which managed to reach such popularity and a huge group of supporters and fans. Even though that the game was initially released several years ago, it is still the top shooting game on according to the most recent statistics of top gaming websites. For those who have never played this game before, the first meeting with the game may turn out to be a big surprize - how a game with so simple graphics can become so popular? There are several aspects why this game is still so popular and why thousands of people play and even pay money to unlock special items in this game.

Today there are a lot of multiplayer shooting games to choose from but when the Krunker appeared on the market, it was like something very unique and new. The game gave you opportunity to play online with friends or just random players and did not need any additional software. Madness!

Another key factor why this game is still popular is that the game is constantly upgrading. If you take a look at the screenshots of initial version of the game and compare them to modern version, you may say that those are two absolutely different games. The graphics as well as the whole gameplay is constantly being upgraded - the more you play the game the more features you discover.

Krunker offers a lot of different game modes such as FFA,Deathmatch,Domination,Steal Flags and even Zombie Infect. The good news is that you can always find a server of game mode which you like - every day the server of this game hosts more than 10 000 players. Another important thing about this game is that it has a huge library of different skins for character and weapons - some users even pay money to unlock the new unique skins. All this together make the best multiplayer shooting game, dont miss a change to enjoy it at our website.

Game Controls
[W][A][S][D] keys - move
[Spacebar ]: jump
[Left Click] - Shoot
[R] : Reload
[C] : zoom / Aim
[Space Bar]: Jump
[Shift] : Croch
[F] : Spray Pain
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